October 11, 2009

waiting for snow and social life

gnoosic is a surprisingly good music suggestion-robot. so far it suggested me a few bands i already like, and then a couple new ones which i have found i like (dEUS, Peter Murphy). its very stripped down to bare thingy, no bs, just give 3 artists u already like, and gnoosic will then suggest something.

lovely song that cheers me up; Frida Hyvönen: London (spotify) (youtube)
"London, the way you hate is better than love
and i'm head over heels
London, the way you wanna get rid of me
makes me weak in the knees"

snow scheduled for tomorrow in southern finland. im going to the office, hopefully catch some snowflakes...

next week seems busy. socializing every day. someone wrote me through hospitalityclub, a turkish guy studying in Tartu, Estonia, traveling around with some friends from diff countries. they actually know some finnish people here but the more the merrier. so im gonna meet up with them on friday perhaps and see what happens.

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amandarini said...

i love your links! ;)