November 12, 2009

feels like a friday but is not

yesterday i was supposed to meet K, but something else showed up, so it was a 'cancel'. and Tiitta has been a bit ill, so im not meeting her tonight either. looks like im just going for a walk with Arttu and relaxing by myself.

the sociological images-blog has once again taken shit a bit too far "facebook needs to know your gender". happens way too often. what happens rarely is that i feel the urge to reply and canNOT not fight it. so i replied something. "OMG one in every million people cannot decide which fuckin gender they are, we need to build non-gender-specific toilets EVERYWHERE. pass a law pls. at least government buildings should respect those that cant fuckin pick. Facebook is SO EVIL and INCONSIDERATE, why cant they just code the whole fuckin shit all over keeping ME in mind". jesus. i think the word "see" should be banned from public use because it offends the blind. and the word "walk" should not be used either, for obvious reasons. and i dont really feel very 'human' at all, my therapist can confirm this, so i think referring to 'people' is discriminating me. and so forth. get a fuckin life.

i think today may be a hair dye day. btw its really discriminating to use a female image on the cover of those hair dye boxes. they should have both genders, but not romantically, that offends gays. then again, there's also the transgenders. could we have a woman, a man, a transsexual and a dog on the cover of every package please? what? that offends whom? so sorry. we'll fix it right away. hang in there. remember take your meds.

im stilling missing the greatness of google wave. what to do with it? i think its useless before i have a zillion contacts.

the makers of Star Wreck- In The Pirkinning are making a new movie; Iron Sky. teaser below. i like the tagline "In 1945 the Nazis fled to the moon. In 2018 they are coming back. " lol

and something about web browsers - very practical real life description


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