November 13, 2009

1000 and 1 nights

i have absolutely no plans for this friday, except to work.

i think i just spent the night mostly watching tv series... yet another new series that i find decent is The Good Wife. Julianna Margulies is somehow... i like her. i remember seeing her in TV when i was a teen, and felt the same back then. something about her features is special, charismatic. and the series itself...yea its decent as i said.

i managed to dye my hair too. today i should concentrate on getting some dishes done. and i think that is the extent of my ambitiousness.

in dA, the oddest thing happened. theres a guy ive been writing with for many years. well not really writing-writing, but he comments on my stuff, journals especially etc. and i reply and such. i dont remember where exactly is he from, how old, etc. but i think well in his twenties, 25 or whatever. i just recognize the nickname, like so many others, and i remember a feeling about the person, and some details perhaps. anyway, i remember from a long time ago that he mentioned being a virgin. and it kept coming up as he commented on my 'sex polls', as they are known in the community... anyway, and i recall telling him to absolutely let me know if and when... 'stuff happens' :) and lo and behold, now i got a private message from him telling its happened! he found someone special and eventually they ended up having sex. i dont know why, but i was really excited for him. the whole relationship thing is new for him, not to mention sex itself. makes me feel like the slutty grandmother though, when a guy is asking me for beginner's positions advice? very funny. and cute. i just wrote him a long note with ALL my BEST EVER advice hehe. i hope they have plenty of fun...

i had to go check his profile, but it doesnt list his age actually. turns out our political beliefs are very different...uh huh...i shouldve stayed out of that page, i didnt want to know that.

i was watching some trailers...
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is a Disney production, but i just might give it a shot. i truth is i havent seen Jake Gyllenhaal in years. perhaps since Brokeback Mountain? anyway it reminds me i actually met someone persian in istanbul last time. we had a good time over some drinks.

then there's Matt Damon in Green Zone, but this war shit is not really working for skipping it. and when the fuck did i start liking Matt Damon anyway?? everyone hates him... i dunno... i dont remember when and what happened, but somehow i started finding him 'okay'. *shrugs*

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Jim said...

Virginity seems to be linked w political/social conservatism. It is here in PL, certainly. I'd meet cute and physically healthy girls in their early to mid-20s who were saving themselves cos to do otherwise was 'wrong' in the Christian (i.e. Catholic) sense. Although - let me take a wild guess - I'd assume the guy you're talking about was American. Right? ;)