November 09, 2009

greetings to Berlin

yesterday's trip to Sysmä was actually 55e... my mom decided to hand me some cash for christmas so that will cover it but nevertheless bloody expensive moving around in finland...

info corner: i was happy to see that nearly half of finns have female bosses, more than in any other EU country.

the 20yr fall of - anniversary reminds me that the Berlin wall thing was quite extraordinary. people are surprisingly fucked up, when u think of it... "hey lets build a wall here..."

today i decided to move from my fall jacket to the winter coat. ive attached gloves (inside mittens9 to the sleeves, and the coat has a hood, which is a great addition to my hat. so now im all winter-ready. it's around 0 celcius lately, but yesterday in 2C i was freezing because my shirt was so thin i guess, i decided it wont happen again.

this reminds me, now that the weather often requires multiple layers of a lot of women (feminists or not) have strong feeling towards the sleeveless shirt called "wife beater". the term has taken a life of its won in peoples minds. a few times i have heard sort of criticism or negative attitudes if a male was wearing this. as if this piece of clothing made him a 'wife beater' automatically, or at least someone condoning it. it happens to be a practical thing to wear, and while pop culture has successfully associated it with violent or otherwise no-good behavior, there are a billion or so (literally) men, and women, wearing it that have nothing to do with the term. i dont think a man should need to avoid this "A-shirt" just because of its other nickname. i think it would be the same as if i felt i have to avoid mini skirts to not be labeled as slut. id like to think the length of my skirt has nothing to do with my sexual behavior and resent to someone assuming so (i realize some parts of the world dont bend to my thinking, but im talking about scandinavia here).

i need to start getting rid of extra stuff seriously... planning that home exchange thing is a great reason to. moving would be another. anyway, i started packing some clothes that i never wear. thats a start.

tomorrow i need to go to the office. and wednesday, too. i should meet Tiitta on thursday. and on saturday there is a party in a bar downtown. otherwise the week looks quite easy... not too many things planned.

and yes i wore a this infamous wife beater today while going out, underneath other clothes. i am not sure if my winter coat is registred here need to showcase it:

last friday at Arttu's. his friend made warm sandwiches - yummy.

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