November 07, 2009

jen at her favorite hobby: planning travels

easy saturday. i got up before noon - yay! miss R came over in the evening and we put together a tasty salad and relaxed. i had one cider. my only one this week - i might add. quite remarkable considering ive been sitting in bars and restaurants all week almost. i must say its kind of boring to have diet coke after another in a bar though. i remember the times when it was all i ever had, but times indeed change.

anyway... i seem to have work very nicely until the end of the year which is great. i am hoping (still) to go somewhere for a bit in december, and then somewhere in january, for a longer period hopefully. not sure yet where that should be. i am obsessing over istanbul still, and why shouldnt i, but i am considering other things too. anyway, i am now talking to a girl in Tel Aviv, Israel, about switching homes with her and her friend. everyones asking "why Tel Aviv??". why not? why not Dubai? why not ANY place that is within cheap airfare? Rome? Kosovo? Reykjavik? i just went on a whim and looked at homes in Tel Aviv and thats all :) Israel is historically interesting area too...and politically...well i dont have to go there do i? but i guess with my opinions about everything, i wouldnt mind getting a view of what people there think and so forth... we'll see if this works out, i hope so!

also i just remembered my old friend from school is working in Moscow atm. he was online in FB and i asked until how long is he there. i would like to visit Moscow but preferably of course when there are as many of my friends as possible... there is that girl i met in Portugal whom i wanna photograph. but meeting Jari (and his wife) would be great. and he just said there is a couch for me...:) makes things a lot easier...

mom called me today. wanted to remind about the Father's Day that i would call my stepfather. she is always reminding me about these things but sometimes i still forget. and she wanted to go through her funeral plans again, she is a bit stressed about some surgery she is now waiting for. having been under anesthesia so many times and with some lung trouble they are considering it a risky operation. so. anyway, i started thinking that the pre-christmas season is really busy often with parties in the weekends so i decided to go visit them tomorrow. then i have it taken care of for a few months... wow that sounds bad? its just that 3h in a bus/direction and 54euros is kind of a turn off. not something i like to do too often.

sugar coated quote:
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."
-Dr Seuss

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