November 24, 2009

i am moving slowly

i just got a txt from someone asking if meeting next saturday morning is okay. i had to reply that it depends on what we were going to meet for. since i have no clue, the name was not familiar. embarrassing. they havent replied yet.

i started the day by watching Ae Fond Kiss, by Ken Loach (trailer). these lovestories from ireland/UK featuring race/religion conflicts are sometimes really interesting. its something happening quite close but yet very far from me. there was another good film like this but i cant remember the name now...

after the movie i went to the grocery store, i think the first time in several days. had a healthy sandwhich for breakfast and started work. i have a LOT to do today. going to the office tomorrow. and on friday we have an offiste thing, planning the code-of-conduct and other stuff, relaxing and eating. just our little team.

tonight there is a concert i think ill go to. try anyway.

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