November 20, 2009

need to go to post office today, i got a card to pick up a package

tonight is the international food party, but i should keep low profile, cos tomorrow is Karri's pre-christmas party. and im making the punch of course. yay, its been a while since i last mixed a ny drinks or such. ive been such a good fuckin girl for most of this year, really toned things down. i think my first couple yrs of drinking i was checking out the limits a bit, and its pretty obvious that went too far sometimes. but its good to know what that is like i guess?

a new reality series for me: Cathouse. a 'bunny' ranch in nevada. ive always been curious about the whole selling yourself business. since human animals have made sex such a hard cash transaction, i dunno, its another level. interesting.

Cathouse is surprisingly 'open', and so many customers that let themselves be filmed. probably regulars or whatever, but thats not the point. often its so obvious how nervous the people are. crossdressers, married couples. all kinds of people. but i can see its mostly real, the oddness of the situations sometimes is kind of uncomfortable. the payment. its not getting up. shes clearly faking like a porn star. the list goes on. but to see real people, both the working girls and their customers is really fresh and seems to keep me entertained.

for criticism though, the series so far doesnt mention much of the practicalities, u can just see a hint here or there. like, safety issues etc. there is a guy hanging around that could be a security guard but i wouldnt know. and health care, testing...? drinking (they seem to drink a lot)things like that. remain a mystery so far.

besides a couple anonymoys blogs, i dont think i ever knew all but ONE guy who had seen a hooker. and he wouldnt really talk about it, so :( i wish i met someone who would admit and tell me. what went on in their head, how did they feel afterwards. not to blow stuff out of proportions, its just sex, but it does have a bit of a stigma and mentally theres a couple things different from a relationship.

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