November 19, 2009

please mind the gap

on friday im going to this party, with the theme "international foods". some foreign lady living in a large flat in central helsinki is holding parties like every weekend with a different theme. and the doors are very open for new people. Paavo invited me, but even he doesnt know her, he knows someone who knows... i have lost track. anyway, to organize the food thing, everyone whos signed up to the event in FB is assigned to a group. my group is india. ironic as it is the only dish i am not SO keen on. i tend to love almost anything else. also i am not sure if any one of us has any clue of wtf is indian food, like really. if i go to an indian restaurant, or to india, i reckon the food is indian. but if i am supposed to arrange something, somehow... err. googling "indian food" is a bit vague, too. its not like i could cook anything. i think my best chance is to discuss with the other people, and then check the shops on my street. as it happens, i think all of helsinki's 5 or so exotic food shops are on my street. african, asian... "halal-meat" anyone? i am still clueless what that even is. i doubt there is an animal called halal. is it from an animal that was killed by draining the blood or sumtin?

aaaaanyway, i am sure the food stuff will be figured out and i cant wait to go to the party and meat a lot of new people, foreigners especially. Paavo is the only one i know so its all new for me.

i set up a VPN connection yesterday, with the swedish ipredator. sometimes i dont need to be seen. i am yet to be confident how it works speed wise but time will show.

visualizing empires rise and decline, wonderfully made video.

this was a good post on Nightmare Brunette; male culture with so much touching surprised me a lot when i first encountered it. and i still find it puzzling and hugely interesting. the nuances are yet to be figured out for me. but there is something good in this i think, i think i like it. yet, i rather just watch, and prefer not to be touched too much.

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