November 18, 2009

the light at the end of the tunnel is turned off for ecological reasons

i met cousin B for lunch. the baby is due in february so the pregnancy is now very obvious. VERY odd to see her looking so different.

i also saw Arttu later in the evening. we made plans for my future, including traveling, jobs, phones and W7. we did talk about his cell phone future too. Androids and apps, yup, the future is bright, i guess?

Ville from Stockholm invited me to a New Year's Party. i am going to Stockholm in february, but its one of those quick one-day cruise things, doesnt really count. but so now im wondering if i should try pop in at new years. hmmmmm.

the trailer for A Single Man is great, the music and visuals are amazing. and Julianne Moore is no less than amazing either.

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