November 17, 2009

maybe it wasnt meant to be

just got back from Tiitta who cut my hair. sneezing like crazy. although i washed my hands, apparently not well enough as when my hand found its way to rubbing my eye to release the itching, i got myself a red, swollen AND itching eye. and i only spent about 1.5hours with her and the kitties! the antihistamines are rubbish.

mail brought me the rest of my kitty magnets from dA. perhaps already some time ago, i havent been too interested in the pile of mail in front of my door. typically, i just walk right over the mail... anyway, the fridge door is filling. kitty overload.
kitty magnets

one of the pubs where me and K were in last night, really trashy but oh so traditional Pub Sirdie;
Pub Sirdie - helsinki

after a long break someone i know from turkey, and met in istanbul, started chatting with me. i was delighted, he is a lovely person. turns out he just moved right next to mr *jekyll&hyde*... whom we have been having good conversations with lately, i think. fairly open and honest, easy. its bittersweet perhaps, as last week i said we cant keep meeting the way we have, if(when) i return to Istanbul. the rollercoaster he is, is inasanity, and i think i shouldnt support it. i dont want to adapt to both Jekyll and Hyde.

this is lovely piece of text somehow; Maybe live in Paris. Jim had noticed and thought of me.

ive seen this one before, but it always gives me a huge smile;
where the hell is Matt?

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