November 17, 2009

how cool? cool

so im STILL (wow its been several hours!) excited over Tel Aviv.

F's friends, Avner and Elmor, are visiting their home in Tel Aviv around christmas so i will be able to meet them also. how cool is that? (super cool)

this morning, in the bus, my close friend's ex sat opposite to me. they just broke up and she moved away from their common home so the situation was more less awkward. finns are not good with small talk to begin with, i was slightly confused from having been out drinking last night, and he is a bit quiet... i tried my best. "sooooo, hows the rent, paying it alone and all?"

odd, my colleague just showed me, he is on IRC and noticed that people are talking about me (my photos). i told him to tell them i am sitting right here and if they have something to say, bring it on :D i got nice greetings and a request to go to Jyväskylä to hold an exhibition.

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