November 17, 2009

shower jokes ensue

we were supposed to have some sort of celebration/party for winning something, within the department, on thursday, but its cancelled cos less than half could participate. and its moved to december 14th or something. which means i cannot participate cos im in TEL AVIV! :D
hahah! yay.

yea, perhaps better this way, since i was actually out last night. was supposed to go for a couple with K but couple turned out several etc. how smart, to start the week like that? especially since today is office-day. so i just got here and im starting work.

ive booked 8th-21st december for Tel Aviv. the connections are super shitty, i will slit my wrists for this... (18h from Helsinki to Tel Aviv, via Budapest). but, for 208e its a good deal anyway i suppose. so, some israelis will come to my place while i am there, and... yea. i will give them a list of friend's phone numbers so itll be a full life exchange....:)

yesterday i also got a response to my other home exchange inquiries... i sent some mail to amsterdam, london, moscow...but why am i not surprised the reply eventually came from istanbul? its meant to be. fuck, im sounding superstitious.

also, Volkan in istanbul is looking into long-term accommondation options. and, i hear the english teaching job is still there, possible and all, despite me not having heard anythying regarding it... but it requires me to finish my damn certificate. which i certainly have not been doing lately.

i dunno what my work situation is in 2010, my contract is until the end of this year atm, but i need to keep planning forward anyway. and istanbul seems to still be 'it'.

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