November 16, 2009

not your wedding photographer

a remote friend asked me to shoot his wedding in 2010. coincidentally, earlier when we met, he was interested in me. that didn't work out but we've kept in touch. good to hear hes found someone. now he's just spent half an hour trying to convince me, wants 'suzi9mm' to shoot his wedding. and isn't taking 'no' for answer. but christ i hate wedding photography, its just not my cup of tea. and im not really good at it either. i suggested Marianne but noooo. thats too bad. theres her and so many others that can really do weddings well. id assume its more important to get GOOD photos, than to say suzi9mm took them. but he also seems to think that wedding photos magically turn great if i just take them. i wish...

last night i was at this birthday party. was okay all in all. early in the evening i talked to this guy, i guessed his profession to the dot, fuck, im really good (IT - security). turns out he is a person who calls the CEO (or other higher ups) when he is unhappy with a product or service, because of his job he usually knows these some people in charge. ive always wondered who the fuck does that. now i know. our conversation died there and then.

i think me and miss R left after 1. everyone else went to another club, but were not too much into that. i got a hotdog on the way home but only ate half and managed to mess up my scarf in the sauce. id attempted to wash it after coming home, found it in the sink this morning. rest of the hotdog was still in the kitchen. typical saturday night i guess.

at the club. it was mostly 90s music.
lady moon club

outside the smoking room at the club, thats where u leave your drinks.
smoking room

another pic from Espoo, when im leaving the office.
leaving work

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