November 26, 2009

the next step

15h of sleep. thats good. except when you should work too.

i linked to grooveshark before, but having tried it out further i think i need to emphasize how cool it is. spotify is only available in a couple countries so far, and i never liked Pandora... so this one seems like a cool&handy option outside the spoty-region.

tomorrow i need to be in Espoo at 8am :S we're having an offsite day and then going to the Picasso exhibition (which im not too keen on but i know im sure i wont regret as usual) and then dinner and then... well its pretty obvious.

yesterday was a weird day emotionally. i felt like i moved on. this asked for some celebration in form of new jewellery.

a flower ring, made of purple leather.

brustel metal earrings. pink earrings, purple flat transparent shell earrings and a black bracelet.

i am slowly starting to clean my place for the israelis. today i cleaned the microwave. what an accomplishment... and i am getting rid of some clothes via eBay etc. but thats kind of slow, so eventually i will just take bags full of clothes to the charity or something. the books are hard, i have plenty that i dont need. they are expensive to mail too if one thinks of selling them online, but the local antiquarian bookshops dont value my english/art books to anything. yet many are expensive and i know there are people in the world who would appreciate em. i did. hmm, what to do.

movies that caught my attention:
clash of the titans - some special FX-action
letter to juliet - fuck the ordinary plot, its got Gael Garcia Bernal!
randomocity - doesnt really seem amazing but something i'd like to give a chance anyway...
the private lives of pippa lee - somewhat interesting plot with several actors i like; Julianne Moore, Robin Wright Penn...

from the english edition of Helsingin Sanomat;
asylum seekers coming to finland through Istanbul
no more crucifixes in italian schools, thanks to some finnish attitude (BBC's article)
finnish travel show Madventures sells rights to National Geographic (Madventures website)

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