November 29, 2009

so random

i kind of missed out on saturday - due to sleeping. same thing happened last weekend with my sunday. i have a 6-day week. i didnt drink too much on friday but i was quite sleep deprived having skipped the previous night.

my new tv find is Glee. im usually not into high school themes stuff but whatever. one season. its kind of entertaining.

someone with the same surname wrote to me from the US. his grandparents were finns who moved to Minnesota, and his parents were children of those people. im surprised the surname has stayed in the family. there are not too many of us, according to family research we should be related.

and the other morning in FB, an old classmate started a chat. im not sure if he was at the class reunion, and i cant even remember when we had the reunion, altho i arranged it. in 2000 maybe. anyway he is a fireman in Heinola. he was going over to see our classmate, my first bf, Andrew - in Australia, just when he killed himself. so this guy turned up to attend the funeral rather than see him for real. weird. and he told me what i had kind of heard already, the Afganistan war was what broke Andrew. too bad.

kimberlizer is a funny thing. it offers the possibility to related with Kimberly - the smart girl who got 56 stars on her face and blamed the tattoo artist for it.

lobby of hotel Hanasaari where we'd booked a conference room for our offsite-day.

dining room of hotel Hanasaari. great foods.

bar/restaurant Memphis

restaurant Nuevo

tapas at restaurant Nuevo

central helsinki christmas decor (i guess)

on my way home around 3am, from the hakaniemi bridge.

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