November 30, 2009

i changed the livingroom light bulbs

i didnt follow a minute of Big Brother this year, which resembles my behavior on previous years as well. but i was somehow happy to see an iranian born guy win. i didnt know there was one in BB, but apparently so. slowly we integrate immigrants and 2nd generation immigrants into the population...

i really need to go to Iran one of these days... there was that one guy who wrote me and was willing to be a tour guide even :D

which reminds me, the other day i remembered Gil. i met him a few yrs ago, i think he wrote me through dA, and was coming to Assembly. we met up for dinner and walked around in helsinki a bit. so the other day i was like "hey....wasnt that guy from Israel??". so i wrote him if hes there and around in december. and yes he is! how cool we get to meet again? :)

and i dont understand what the whole thing is with the swiss banning building more minarets. i am clueless so i perhaps shouldn't say a thing, but it does sound somewhat worrying. how could you tell a religious group to not build more churches or whatever? if they feel like they need minarets and there are a lot of muslims (300-400 000) then wtf, go ahead. apparently the right wing was behind this ban, and it doesnt suprise me cos usually the right wing does have the worst fuckin racist ideas... from what ive read the muslim comunity in switzerland is rather quiet and hidden, and switzerland has a positive image in having mixed races and languages... this ban doesnt fit the image i have. but again, im not there so i dunno whats going on i guess.

thanksgiving did not touch me much, but was visible online because of the strong US presence naturally... anyway - lifehacker's list of "61 feree apps we are most thankful for" is something i can sign.

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