November 01, 2009

things change. but not for me.

so the weekend rolled by fast. i had an early wake up on friday to go help miss R moving. she moved to Haaga, maybe about 6km's from me. the new flat is in the 3rd floor, so i got some exercise. but i dont think my talent is in the moving business... :D

the new place is nice though, a lot of light, enough for one person for sure.

Sebastian had one of his notorius parties that night, starting at 4pm so i went straight there. had a very good time and found myself in the gay bar Hercules at 2m. i had never been there before, but it was as described. only a couple women besides me, and a hundred guys - no one interested in me one bit. which is nice for change.


i slept so late today i shouldnt need more sleep for a week... as far as new tv series findings go... oh well. Whitechapel and Being Erica are alright - but not amazing by any means.

the trailer for Love is visually pleasing, and the music by Angels and Airwaves is good. nice trailer to look at.

new week ahead. i wonder if its the same as previous. and the one before that...

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