December 27, 2009

Edward Cullen - a bit young but whos counting

yayyyy, the grocery store next to me is going to stay open until 23 from now on. thats 2 extra hours! tonight is the first night so ill celebrate by going after 21. get some vanilla sauce for my blueberry pie.

i decided to watch Twilight and the sequel. a little red wine to help them go down. the movies seem copies of each other. the main character chick keeps finding guys who tell her to "go away" for her own good, etc. then the guys fight for her, with their 'teammates'. whether its vampires or wolves. and she is selfish, wanting attention from everyone.

i have to give props to the movie team though, they did make Robert Pattinson eventually appear hot. i didnt think that could happen. but Alexander SkarsgÄrd is still easily the hottest, or technically coldest, vampire out there. waiting for season 3...

Twilight is easily the most sugarcoated shit ive seen in a long time anyway. srsly.

ive had a bit of a cold lately, just sneezing a lot actually. a new week is starting up though. last one this year... ill be working some, and theres a party on the 30th which i should help make the punch for. and i guess the end of the week is holidays again.

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