December 28, 2009

sense of time, sense of december

i seemed to have lost the sense of time, or days. did last week already. i think this happens around christmas time often, when the week gets a bit messed up, and just prior to christmas i was confused in israel as they have their own weekly schedule, sunday being a workday and blah blah... and me working odd hours because of the holidays. i am trying to get a grip now...that it is MONDAY. and the end of the year is THURSDAY. need to check that again. yes it is. that makes friday january. okay. that means shops are closed on friday at least, but i cant remember which other days on the first week are holidays, maybe the 6th?

the news said that sparkling wine aka champagne is 12 times as popular on the last week of the year compared to a normal week. impressive. it is pretty much my favorite drink, especially now that i learned the flavoring trick. a hint of liqueur and voilĂ ! i hope i put the ` in the right spot, im too lazy to check. and its not like im a spelling bee enthusiast to begin with. miss wannabe-english-teacher... its contradictory.

i was checking latest headlines via google news feed and what do i see; our very own Matti in international news; "Finland ski star Nykanen arrested over Christmas attack". what makes me wonder is why did THIS one make it to the news, slow christmas in news rooms? it was i think only the 50th time he assaulted his wife, or someone else. i think i remember seeing somewhere that Matti is the 'most tabloited' person in finland, ie. most tabloids written. the wife beating ski jumper is a part of the national culture.

i finally decided to make use of an empty notebook i got from Mary (devilicious in dA) years ago and start writing down my dreams. ive been meaning to do it forever but never get around to it. i started today and i am a little worried about my handwriting. especially the more drowsy i am... i wonder if i can later on comprehend a word ive written :( and now that i wrote a page, of 2 dreams, my hand was aching already. the muscles that hold and direct a pen are not exactly in shape. so we'll see how this goes.

another sleep-related situation i got, and a much more alarming one (pun not intended), is that my alarm clock is broken. more specifically the snooze button on it. been in heavy use i suppose. for years ive been trying to look for a new alarm clock, ive had this for about 15 yrs i think. its big and ugly but really quite good for its purpose. the alarm sound got 'broken' almost 10 yrs ago, and the already very loud beep got this shrieking sidenote... still, i can sleep through it quite long... and the snooze button is annoyingly hidden between other useless buttons so finding it in your sleep is a task every time. practical. but every year there is less and less alarm clocks in the stores, everyone started using their cell phones a long time ago... so what do i do???? i have a SITUATION. not quite as bad as they have in africa, but since im not in africa lets not go there. here in helsinki situations are of this sort.

the movie Ink seems interesting, considering its small budget. i think i liked the music most in the trailer though.

furthermore on the Twilight saga... for being over 100yrs old... Edward is surprisingly teeny. i find it also bullshit when he keeps claiming he has waited to meet someone like her for a century, and that nothing has been as painful in a century as lying to her to leave her etc. its just not believable. and Isabella (shortened to Bella = beautiful) in all her 17 yrs of age is really emo and certain that she simply cannot live her life without Edward etc. the werewolf gang is hilarious in New Moon... a bunch of adolescent boys all pumped up and going around without shirts, whatever the weather may be. i think they are trying to look like a gang of bad-asses, but its not really working for me.

fuck, this tshirt on threadless is too awesome. buns.

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