December 11, 2009


i followed the dark clouds and rain arrive to the city from the sea. in minutes the night fell and now its dark except for the city lights and the occasional lightning.

i was super productive with work today. good.

its hard to remember that today is not a working day here though. and tomorrow (saturday) is very seriously a sunday and things are closed.

in finland everyone is going to yet another pre-christmas party tonight. i met Gil last night for dinner and he asked me what a pre-christmas party is. i guess in a lot of countries they dont have that. i told him its just an excuse for a party, and they take place before christmas. thats all. lots of drinking involved.

tonight for me, i might be going to celebrate hanukkah to a home somewhere. going to see Yuval soon and he has some plans.

ive been generally enjoying my time here a lot now that i am seeing people. they always make the difference...

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