December 10, 2009


sitting on the couch working, next to the wall/window and sunbathing. i didnt know i missed the sun so much. thinking about it, i dont know when i last saw it. maybe weeks ago.

i took a little lunch break from work, ate yoghurt and israeli pastry, set the alarm and took a nap. set my head on the back of the couch and let the sun shine on me while i sleep. and when i open my eyes i am seeing the city. and the mediterranean sea behind it. i quite enjoy moments like this.

last night Yuval took me to a posh restaurant; Herbert Samuel. we had a good time. my small talk start up regarding Palestine didnt do anything, hes been working there etc. and he lives 9 floors above me here.

which reminds me of the airport border control. i conveniently forgot my travel plans included Bethlehem, when asked where i am going. ops.

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