December 23, 2009

north sweet north

oh and Mexico City legalized gay marriage, first in latin america. awesome :)

ive been talking to the israelis that were here... apparently after 1 week they had enough, enough cold and dark. too harsh. made me smile. i felt kind of warm and fuzzy seeing the snow and breathing the crispy air when i got back.

the airport, waiting for bus in -8C at 11pm.

when i got home, i actually stopped over at Arttu's since he lives next to the bus stop. him and Eufemia were baking. or just finished it. typical finnish christmas stuff, instead of a gingerbread houser they made a whole church though... fancy huh?? :D


Valentina said...

didn't know that you finns build gingerbread houses for xmas! :)

jenni said...

yup, old tradition :)