December 23, 2009

snowy and stuff

christmaschristmaschristmas....allover. i need to go buy a few gifts today... i bet the shopping experience will be GREAT, only about half the country is out trying to buy shit today.

i put some videos on youtube, just short clips etc. from streets, stations...
here is a quick view from a rooftop ad Aida refugee camp which is next to the wall.

my photo on James Ellroy's dutch book; the publisher contacted me about this about a month or 2 ago. i guess its only coing out next year, this is an ad for it.

deviantART is soon reaching it's 100 million deviations mark! i was honored i guess to have a photo showcased as one of the memorable ones on the road.

and to think, dA is soon 10 yrs old! OMG. i have too spent many good yrs there... dA was part of the internet really working out for me and my life.

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