December 21, 2009

on and about airports

well for once i didnt care about a flight being late. a couple hours. doesnt matter which airport im sitting at. and i still have a long day ahead of me here in Budapest. so, journalist jen has moved to middle europe now. and boy does the all SNOWY airport feel already like home. i loved the crispy air getting out of the plane. when i left finland it wasnt snowy, now it should be look. i look forward to it. the israelis were constantly complaining how its winter and cold and blah... but for me it was a finnish summer - not too bad at all. 22C (day) to 10C (night). and the sight of sun -almost every day- that was the sweetest.

i was thinking in the morning.... the more i go to look for misery and negative things.. the more good i seem to find - in people. it does seem like the purpose of my life (although i dont believe in such purpose) is to go from black and white to all shades and beyond. i know i dont come across as the most solidary person, ill always prolly have that edge, which makes me start a convo with israeli soldiers with asking if theyve been killing lotsa palestinians lately. but i do actually aim at a fruitful and meaningful learning experience, which would enable me to understand things i didnt understand before.

on the train at 3am, coming to the airport, i talked to a guy, who said he works at the airport. i asked what does he do. he said "ask annoying questions..." hahaa! THAT guy! i know them now... i went on to asking if ones origin affects the questions much, but got vague & politically correct answers naturally. their purpose is of course to see how u respond and if u get upset, rather than really be interested in my friends phone number. anyhow, he was a nice guy, and i asked him to ask important questions this morning and not let anyone blow up my plane! at the airport i concluded that i didnt need to worry about that, because altho i didnt count, but i'd say it was around 9 security checks. THOROUGH ones. almost every item i had, including passport, was checked with some sort of machine, related to ions somehow (?). its good my packing style is very relaxed, no worry about getting it messed up when it is so already.

my last day i admit i wasnt very active... firstly i was depressed for a couple reasons, coming home being the obvious one, and secondly i thought some sleeping would do me good. since after i got up, i know id be up until late monday night. short flights and airports are not for sleeping... i met Gil in the evening though, went to the harbour with him, where the loud waves were hitting the fancy design pier.

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