December 19, 2009

going out and about

i have been busy meeting people. yesterday was the long-awaited Avner&Elmor -day, we went out, Avner's brother and his gf included. i had my first ever beer. i dont know why, as i hate beer deeply, but suddenly i felt like trying and had Avner's support. cant say i fell in love but it certainly got easier. it was israeli beer called Golden something...

people smoke inside bars althought its not accepted anymore, and because there are no trays...well, thats what the floor is for. i smoked a couple cigarettes too, out of impulse, but i have to say it was extremely difficult mentally to just put it out on the floor. finns are ├╝bertrained against trashing.

had a good night all in all, as expected. nice places, pub style, i dig that. during the day i was supposed to go to Jaffa-area to a flea market but it was rainy and that means markets are closed. i met Irisdall from dA and she took me to Dizinghof mall instead then. its huge, but a mall like any other really. i found a couple shirts and such. after which we headed to Alenby street looking for a bar...(and found one)

as for the days prior to yesterday, i have some trouble remembering right now. i have been just out and about i guess, little bit here and there, food, drinks... finally met Daphna, too, saw some of the center's side streets with her. and today i met TomahawkR from dA, went to a 24/7 breakfast place, where they greet you with "good morning!" at any hour of the day. big variety of breakfasts there, and flavoured sparkling wine ('champagne'). had the melon, with israeli style breakfast with "jerusalem omelette".

well, one full day left. damn.

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