December 16, 2009

hanukkah all over the place

slept late today... woops. so i was a bit late for work. had to just get up, throw some clothes on and run to bus. this is what happens with my mobile phone alarm... i set the alarm early last night even, to not forget, but managed to screw up. this is why i have 2 separate alarms at home. the first one being painfully complex and loud, and the other being on the other side of the room.

yesterday i went off to sushi and drinks in downtown with a colleague. met his boyfriend and their 2 huge fluffy cats, their friend... interesting all in all. the sushi place had a huge menu with crazy versions of sushi. but it was all really tasty. afterwards a famous hanukkah-donut and then to a new bar where they had made the place look like home, so it seemed like a house party. kitchen, tv, pool table, shower, sewing machine (! - and someone was actually sewing on it) etc. i returned home before midnight and then went to see Yuval upstairs for a few drinks, i love talking politics with him. he has some interesting thoughtful views on the situation here so its entertaining for me. but too much stuff to try write. i still think it -unfortunately- that peace is highly unlikely to be attained here.

also i talked to my 'identical collegue' (doing same job as me, part-time and all) today and im hopefully seeing him later in the week outside work, seems like might be good company. today is actually my last day working this week, i am just going to relax rest of the week....

as far as israeli bands go, the only one worth listening (that i know of - and ive asked people) is Infected Mushroom.

okay i was just picked up and we went to the lobby with co-workers, there was some sort of hanukkah party gong on, and lots of kids invited. and lots of donuts available of course. candle lighting (which is part of the Hanukkah tradition) and stuff. which reminds, last friday (first day of hanukkah) Yuval took me to his friends, Elinor and someone... they lived in a small student apartment in the city and had cooked a huge dinner. Yuval put the kippah on his head (the little flat hat-thing) and read hebrev verses from some sort of book, and the first candle was lit. very interesting to see this tradition up and close.

hmm i tihnk i have to finish my work now to get out eventually. should be seeing Daphna today.

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