December 15, 2009

piggies should not be mixed

im somewhat sad im inside an office where the air conditioning gives me chills, while outside its about 22C today. on the bright side, ive had interesting talks with colleagues and what they are doing here locally.

yesterday i met an interesting girl, she in 19 and doing her 2 yr military service at the moment. her opinions were somewhat extreme from my point of view; europeans that support palestine are antisemitic. but she also fet that races shouldnt mix, so taking refugees from africa is not smart, it will destroy host country's culture. and Canada, which i said was a good example how different kinds of people CAN get along, is in denial of human nature. they are suffering from the "political correctness -disease", and while i recognize the issue, i dont completely agree. i certainly came here to meet people with all kinds of opinions, so im meeting that goal. in retrospect it might seem odd that i made out with her.

so, since in finland we dont have worries such as war, we can concentrate on ...animal rights for example! (not to downplay the importance of the subject but we do tend to put things in order of priority, our personal survival coming first).

this video published last week from pig farms is tough to watch. piggies dont seem too happy.

in other news, a large shopping chain (groceries, daily amenities) is including sex toys in their selection. get a dildo while u pick up the milk...

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