December 03, 2009


jen is drowning in work. happens sometimes. it comes in waves, due to my prosrastination.

and waves... yea. that weird ass google wave thing which i havent found useful yet. i suppose my brain is just so tuck in the 90s? this video by epipheostudios was useful in explaining it to me a bit though.

yesterday we did some major cleaning in my home with Arttu and Johanna L. i was dead tired afterwards and fell to bed at 9pm. i was supposed to go to a gig later that night, someone i am interested in was playing, but i just couldnt make it. slept all the way until 9am this morning. the kitchen is quite clean now, as is my computer desk. i still have a major task with my clothes, have to take some to charity today. and books go there too i suppose. then theres just plenty of other stuff...

yay, i got a reply from palestine! someone said they could meet me. a journalist living at a refugee camp (Deheishe) near betlehem. im thrilled. its apparently like a little city, i saw pics.

i still have turkish notes in my wallet. i imagine that if i dont exchange them to euros, they will draw me back to istanbul sooner.

MOON. looks full, too, or am i wrong? one of those lightballs is indeed moon instead of a streetlight. taken yesterday at 4pm when i left work.

and this is my fancy painting. my first. the paint took a "few" months to dry as i was stupid enough to buy oil based paint. anyway.

i think its unfortunate spotify has to work with a music store (7digital) and offer to sell music. the whole idea of spotify i think is that you dont have to OWN that shit anymore. you just listen. especially now that its on phones and everything. and i pay 10e/month for that. so supporting sales is a bit odd. but i figure they must do that for money. i assume so.

*listening to Mercan Dede*

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