December 02, 2009

i want to see whats behind the wall

i am now very interested in visiting the Palestine areas, the israelis i have talked to are not too supportive of it so i think it motivated me even more. this is obviously something i must see? west bank seems most reasonable. i finally drew out the map and looked whats going on and where, and i have learned that betlehem is right next to jerusalem. i think this would be a good place.

tonight im having a major cleaning session at my place, Arttu and Johanna L are also coming over to help out. so itll be like a community effort. i have cleared out most of the dishes though, so thats a start. im actually sort of excited having my home clean(er) and more spacy/less stuff.

im hoping to get some clarity to my job prospects this week... my contract is until the end of this year and the future is all wide open again. for now. i hope to know more by the end of the week.

someone sent me over to this funny (to photographers) video ;)

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