December 01, 2009

FB complications

FB is becoming email. instead of sending me email, ppl look me up on FB and send a message. and then probably encompany it with a friend request. people who are yet not planning to really be friends with me. yesterday i got a note regarding art exhibition in italy for example. okay, fine. but to send a friend request also? come on. its becomeing a combined email/address book or whatever. of course if thats what it goes to, i wont hold back forever. but it makes it more and more impersonal and im not very inspired to upload photos or anything else with really random people as my 'friends'. ive still kept my standards with whom i add, but i am willing to go with what seems to be common and most widely accepted in the future. its not THAT big of a deal, ill just adjust to it. take off my messenger address, phone number... but this stage where its still a bit unclear i am annoyed.

instead of suggesting me to import EVERYONE I EVER SENT EMAIL TO.... FB could suggest me how the fuck to automatically make separate groups for actual friends and those outside that group...

come on. if i sent an email to someone in 2005, i still might not want to be FB friends.

after venting, i decided to be proactive for once. so i created a "not so friends" type of list, to which i can include the...not so friends. and while creating this list, i blocked my contact info and personal photos etc from this group. and i went through the friend requests and accepted some familiar names, like some people from dA etc and also some that i have several mutual friends with... so they get my basic profile and status updates (was considering to block those too but maybe not yet, i never update my status anyway, and not with anything too personal).

there is still some space for development in FB though. i dont think there is a tool for automatically leaving a certain group out of the friends feed? so i have to manually hide each person... also, i would definitely like to block events from this group, art gallerists and musicians are most likely to send event requests to EVERYONE. i fuckin hate event requests that dont concern me in any way. i dont care if your shitty band has its first or 300th gig in Albequerque next week. im not coming! fuck.

i think FB starts deleting over a yr old friends requests? or maybe not. but it seems like the amount of pending requests might have gone down?

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uunbarbegrl said...

Girl yo ass is deep. I can feel some of that BS that you go through. How can I be down with your clique cause y0u are banging. I am trying to build my blogs and I think I have found the hero I need. Holla back. PJackson.