November 30, 2009

TLV babble

im planning on meeting Irisdall from dA in Tel Aviv, and i just looked at her gallery and found this. not a perfect photo but i kind of like it. it touches me, she looks so desperate. and he looks certain of his acts.

so far none of the israeli's that ive asked (3 people) have ANY idea how to go to Palestine. lol. someone said that they've heard of foreigners going but at least israelis cannot go. wonder why?? but i am a completely harmless finn, they should let me in, no? but it IS weird how come no one knows how i could get to their neighbor (if we use such friendly terms...). ill keep looking for answers...

i have now arranged to see Gil on the 9th.

the people coming to my home are Lihi and Barak. they are comedy writers :) i am compiling a list of my friends for them, those that have expressed their interested in meeting my replacements. and i should be meeting at least Daphna and Ohad whilst in TLV, friends of Lihi.

also, last week my boss was at a meeting abroad and met some people from out TLV office and one of them volunteered to be my 'going out' guide :D apparently my colleague in fact (same job title as me). cool!

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