January 02, 2010

-21C has a decent "bite" to it. brrr.

a new decade. my 00s was definitely about the internet. i loved it. made it a job.

Rammstein's new stuff isnt really that awesome. i liked how the Pussy-video was different, but the song and now the new single are very average. i will always love them for just being awesome in general though, different and creative.

i was at Arttu's tonight. after sleeping all day. which was necessary after 2 nights of partying. K had "pre christmas party" on the 30th, and on 31st Sebastian came soon after i got up and dragged me to ruoholahti to a party. i left there after 9 and returned to my own neighborhood, Oskari had a party and turned out he lives right next to me. soooo i went there, met new people (cos i knew no one but Oskari). had a good time, maybe a few drinks too many. that was my new years eve.

2009 then... there was the full time job experience. then not enough work later on in the year. some traveling, including great festival experience in Budapest. Istanbul and how i fell in love with it. and mr Jekyll & Hyde who provided me with a few ups and downs, im am glad i felt something for a change.

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