January 06, 2010

old and new

people who argue in YouTube comments are possibly the stupidest ever. i often find myself thinking this way. then again - let all flowers bloom and all that. and then i move my eyes away from the comments and go on with my life.

Frank Gehry's buildings dont get old for me... i am always WTF staring at them (in photos though unfortunately).

"the joy of dirt" in Economist

i started checking out turkish news... just trying out how it feels. Hürriyet Daily News is my chosen source. interesting so far. they set up a statue for Atatürk in Japan. i didnt know these countries were buddies. well. why not. and secret turkish-israeli military operations...wtf? and this guy Mehmet Ali-Birand has a surprisingly direct opinion column regarding the EU stuff... like, direct in a way i dont see in europe. actually, it reminds me of some of the muslims i spoke to recently, and i guess thats not a coincidence in the sense that Mehmet is probably a muslim too. so there are some cultural things in play here that are awkward for me... this makes me curious.

some hours later i find out a blogger that i have been actively reading for a while now actually writes for Hürriyet. such a small world :D

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