January 05, 2010


i asked in dA for people's decade highlight's, and deviant pendlestock had an impressive list;

"Christ 10 years.... it's been a memorable decade. I'm now 25, I was 15 partying like it was 1999. So, in chronological order ish, I've:

-Had a nervous breakdown and left boarding school.
- Tried out for a game show called Blockbusters. That was awesome.
- Done all my big exams. Moved away to uni. Dropped out. Came home.
- Had my heart broken repeatedly. Did very naughty things in a very small car.
- Fell in love with my best friend - it is our 5 year anniversary today
- Had flashbacks to being abused by my dad. Got him jailed for 12 years and brought a lot of people some peace.
- Been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and a whole host of other hereditary illnesses. Joy.
- Learned to live with them. Went back to uni. Last year this year

That's about it "

someone's had a decade!

and something of a smaller scale, from Fmylife;
"Today, my boyfriend was holding my hair back while I threw up. The smell then reached him and caused him to throw up in my hair. FML"

heeeey i dont think ive received a copy of it yet, but this book came out; Åke Edwardson's Death Angels.

it's what i shot about a year ago. i am especially proud of the reflection...:P the stuff my mind comes up with...oh. it is Arttu's video camera btw.

i bought a new perfume the other day; Dolce & Gabbana's 18 La lune. now ill be happy sprinkling it around for a while.

Zombieland's opening sequence, a few minutes into the beginning, gives a good feel what type of stuff is up to come, lotsa gore and humor, but with style, not just camp. i can recommend this flick... it had been a while since i last heard this Metallica song and when it started playing here, it fit so well... damn of that old Metallica stuff was pretty good btw.

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