May 31, 2010

around 30C. getting tanned, there is no escaping it.

im slowly getting more independent - GOOD. i still need help with a few things, like paying bills online, but i am already giving transportation advice to locals so i think thats pretty nice.

the weather got seriously hot again just after Arttu left, he was lucky to get out of the way. i think the heat and humidity are making me extra tired lately. and now, thanks to exercising yesterday (the doctor forced me to join his exercise regime) my muscles are sore too. and i have class tonight. reviewing level 1 (beginners). i thought i wa going to teach level 1, but no, just review, 2 nights this week, and next week the same people will start level 2 with me. this week im going to the company but starting next week the classes are at our office which is nice, less transportation time.

most of the people that died on "freedom floatilla" last night were turkish (BBC). and people are apparently now in Taksim protesting to israelis actions.

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