May 27, 2010

confused but alright

phew, home and no hurry anywhere, finally. Arttu wasnt keeping me so busy but somehow...well, the doctor was here the other night, and yesterday i was tired and then we left to Capa. Arttu had an early morning flight today and Capa is much closer to the airport so it was practical to spend the night at the doctor's house. some of his friends came over as well, more doctors, and we had a nice evening.

also, i feel relieved because after my first class on tuesday with a company group i felt really confused and stressed out. i "walked in" on the course cos the previous teacher left, the book and everything was new to me plus there were some new students suddenly in the class, who are not at the same level as the others ETC ETC.... also, it was beginners and i just found it really hard since their vocabulary is so small and i got lost in hoe to teach new words and concepts and so on. however, now that i had time to prepare for the thursday class, and i knew something about the students and spent a sleepless night pondering all my mistakes, tonights class went much better.

the students are sweet, technical/engineering staff, all men around 30-35 i think. and they like homework?! wtf? and i am holding them a quiz next tuesday on the past 2 chapters! lets see how they do...

next monday i should also have a new group starting, their classes are mon & wed.

in the weekend.... i have no idea. time will show. the usual. seeing friends, movies maybe. just relaxing.

i might have been a little oversensitive lately, but i occasionally feel some people back in finland dont realize im building a life here, not just vacationing. of course i plan to go back, but nevertheless. and some practical things, life and level of wages... i live in a different reality now and i dont think everyone is getting it. and since ive been stressed its caused some rising in the blood pressure side of things. well, not tonight however, i was so happy with my class and watched Nip/Tuck and dreamed of seeing my doctor again tomorrow... nothing in the world could have upset me. i think i should go to sleep while i still have this feeling? is a nice option for hotels when traveling. besides the amazing hospitalityclub/couchsurfing of course... a compromise in between.

naming an abortion clinic

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