May 13, 2010

home decoration continues

a large photo (enlarge from +) of istanbul by Hakan Durgut. he is a fellow photographer but speciliazed in panoramic etc type of stuff. we went out for a bit of dnner and drinks the other night. should do it again some time too, he works in IT field during day time.

the weather was perfect after 6pm tonight...i went to the grocery store with flip flops, top and skirt, i think it must have been around 25-30 but since the sun was in clouds and going down, it wasnt really too hot, and the air was perfectly soft, like a bunny's fur.

on tuesday, we were smoking nargile/waterpipe with Salla, the lighting and decoration was quite nice.

last night. that is like salty pancake with your chosen filling, such as minced meat or mushrooms. it was a cafe restaurant so they didnt have alcohol license, but would kindly go to the next door kiosk, buy beer and fill our mugs, since we were in the middle of bar hopping tour. yeah, even i drank beer, although i couldnt empty the whole mug.

my breakfast/lunch today. theres yummu rice underneath all that.

the place where i had this breakfast/lunch.

some "wine" glasses. not really but almost. close enough. i paid 4e for the set so WHATEVER.

i bought a water kettle, and instant coffee. for the doctor, he needs his coffee in the mornings. but maybe i will find some use for it too.

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