May 14, 2010

installed a mosquito net in 1 window, thats a start

i bought some tuna for the house kitty yesterday. s/he seemed happy. but i think i should really pick up some fresh fishies from the fish market nearby and feed those to the kitties.

we were dividing relationship responsibility areas last night with the doctor. and its no surprise i have planning, superficial things like clothes, decoration and the web. and the doctor is responsible for sport activities, health, activity in general meaning carrying out my plans, and computer hardware. however as i expected, we got into a nice 'little' argument over software. we have completely different views on how competency is measured and which one really masters this one... in the end i think we agreed its a switzerland, neutral area. we can both contribute.

i met Bengi, a girl from dA, today. had some lunch and coffee. shes studying film & tv. in the evening im going out with K├╝bra, to Taksim. i invited Egemen too, and the doctor will probably join us at some point.

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