May 25, 2010

the nclr club

The Guardian apparently published proof of Israeli's nuclear weapon. wtf? did we need that? i think its an accepted fact that the US and their best buddies, and enemies, have nuclear weapons and thats it. why do u need proof. israel feels like they need it, and the US accepts it and tells everyone else to shut the fuck up. end of story. i wouldnt waste time on finding evidence on what is obvious and known. if they didnt have one it would be worthy a news article. whether they have 1 or 5... well. how about we get beer and popcorn and concentrate on following what the koreas are doing with each other. im sure the middle east will blow up each other at some point but i dont feel like i have any say in it so ill just go and teach english tomorrow.

i think everyone should give up their nuclear weapons but thats not happening. we need a balance of fear...

we were out with arttu and k├╝bra and finally bawer -who was my host in february in eskisehir- showed up as well. he is going to Iraq next week in business...i am so jealous. goddammit. if there is someone i know i know they could probably keep me safe. but i hear the flights are very expensive.... of course.

anyway we had a good night. bar hopping. Bawer is kurdish so Arttu got to hear that side as well. we just returned home with a shared taxi. someone on the taxi is taking english lessons at a local private school and he was chatting with us.

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