May 21, 2010

watching Nip/Tuck

ive been out and about again. in Capa, and just busy doing nothing i think. Arttu finally arrived today, that was good. and as a welcome, the kombi (water heater) decided to stop working. what a welcome. i hope Arttu doesnt need a shower anytime soon, i would have liked one now though.

yesterday we went to Harbiye with the doctor, his friend and old flatmate has an office there. working with movie related things. we had a pretty good time id say.

today i was also called from work and i am getting my own group of people to teach starting next week, they are level 1, in a company somewhere. also 1 private student on sundays apparently.

the main topic on finnish newspaper website is the "harder than average pollen season". and i dont even have hot water. so sneeze away (or die), i am lacking sympathy. besides, i am also more touched by the fact that we lost a hockey game to czech republic. so much for these world championships.

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