May 22, 2010

Nip/Tuck season 4

ive been showing Arttu the city - sharing my extensive (...) knowledge and experiences. he has met the 'house cat' and many other kadiköy resident kitties. last night we were out with him and the doctor, ended up in Hera where Volkan was the DJ. there was Tamer, Ilcin and my downstairs neighbor too... and some others, so plenty of familiar faces. had a good time and today the boys had a decent hangover but me - nothing :P haha.

tomorrow we have a plan to go driving to the north, the sea and the sceneries are nice, i think its good to see outside the city too for change. both for me and Arttu of course.

i am a bit stressed about how my work schedule (only evenings at least for now) will affect my relationship. i actually asked to not take the weekend student yet, i would like to keep weekends free at least for a while longer although i know its inevitable...

i have had a lot of reflective moments lately, too bad i havent managed to write any of it down.

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