June 21, 2010

so what now

i think i should consider cleaning up my flat a bit before the girls come on wednesday?

the trip to greece went okay, although the bus trip back was slower than expected and after arrival i still had to struggle to get out of the bus station. there were free busses to all parts of the city, free arrangement by the bus company, but it was a hassle anyway. i got to help some tourists to get around though, almost felt like a native :)

when i finally got to Taksim we went to eat chinese with the doctor and felt reunited.

short vid from the bus terminal, after arriving to Istanbul and heading to Taksim.

the bus to greece then, that was a fancy 2-storey thing with tv's in front of every seat and free drinks. too bad i couldnt enjoy the turkish channels, and forgot all my own entertainment home...

on friday i was out with Salla and K├╝bra in Taksim. some typical barhopping, as well as waterpipe with vodka. works! before seeing them i had the magazine interview and photoshoot for local new mag called 46. its an edgy rock-trendy mag with interviews and insights. the interview was cool and the photoshoot by Mehmet even cooler. not surprisingly we had some fun with fakeblood. its been a while since i was seriously in front of a camera so it was odd and fun at the same time. i cant wait to see how the whole thing turns out, the issue comes out next month.

i got a dress today;

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