June 09, 2010

shower and then swimming

i need to go get my passport stamped 'abroad' within the next couple weeks. in practie, i got 2 weekends. i was considering Greece or Bulgaria, since they are the closest. but it said on the turkish railways website that the tunnel towards europe has collapsed and all trains are consequently cancelled... oki doki. not going by train then. my plan B is a bus to Greece. Volkan said there is a nice village near the border so i guess ill aim there.

i dont really feel like going right now though, but i dont have much choice, if i wanna be on the safe side with my papers etc.

other setbacks include my shower drain getting just slightly clogged by hair etc... and since the floor is so even and there is not even doorsill... before we noticed, my flat was flooded. mainly the corridor outside bathroom and the bedroom. in fact, the bedroom floor is NOT even, as i found a nice pond in the corner.... *rolls eyes*. so all rugs had to be hung on doors and so on... luckily my mattress just barely made it and didnt get wet. i am now insisting on solving the bathroom issue somehow. this kind of shit just cant keep happening. am i really the only one battling with this??? u would think all kinds of accidents happen constantly. the doctor suggested we try making a 2-3cm high sill out of silicone between the shower and rest of the bathroom, i have some left from other housework. i think thats an idea worth trying, it can be removed when i move out etc.

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