July 09, 2010

almost a bob

i went to look for a haircut today. that means walking into a salon and figuring out if anyone speaks a word of english. my previous experiences have not been very encouraging. anyhow, in one salon one girl spoke a few words of english, and another good german, and they did their best in communicating my wishes to the hairy (but goodlooking) bloke whose job it was to cut the hair. well, but he had his own idea of what my hair should look like and im sporting a new look now... its still long in the front and short in the back but not as edgy... he left the back quite long, more traditional... im thinking of giving the scissors to the doctor to fix it a little. its not exactly surgery but he must have a talent with sharp objects, right??

anyhow im not upset, i kind of knew this might happen and anyway while its differnt, its still nice, maybe the change is welcome.

so Slovakia has a female PM now. and the octopus in Germany is predicting Spain to win the soccer championships. Iran woman will not be stoned due to international pressure. ok. thats great but so this means we need to launch a huge FB campaign and governments need to send angry messages to Iran each time theyre stoning someone. fuck, thats a full time job for each of us.

im getting excited about the exhibition opening on sunday....:) cocktails and people... *feels comfy*

the social services paid for the current tenants outstanding rents for the helsinki flat on her behalf, so i finally got every month paid for, and now i have had enough. i have given notice and i already found new tenants so thats positive. a friend recommended a gay couple, and actually i saw in FB we have several common friends so thats good. they seem good and reliable so im looking forward to having a little less stress about the whole flat thing.

a british book publisher contacted me regarding using a photo in a book cover so that might earn me some extra cash too, nice.

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