July 08, 2010

turkish spelling bee

i voiced my concern over spelling my name on the exhibition poster yesterday to Volkan while on lunch/dinner, and tadaa! the graphic designer promptly misspelled my name just as i feared. the people here, and in many other countries, have a strong urge to switch the n and l in my surname. i think it makes it sound rather ...italian? or something. however i was most disappointent when the police station did this mistake, and even though i pointed it out by comparing to my passport (sign language etc, in lack of better methods), they had trouble seeing any typos at all. oh well.

the black hair dye makes me really comfortable.

less comfortable: losing your credit card. yeah i think i might have just dropped it but i didnt want to take the risk and start looking for it, while someone might be going online to shop...so i just called visa and closed it. now...as for when i will get my new card, thats a little more complicated. im not even gonna go into it, but its got to do with (finnish) banks not sending cards abroad on normal mail and so forth.

also, i just paid the prints and that was all my cash. so now im sitting at home with about 5liras (2e) and waiting for the doctor to come and buy me food etc. at least im lucky i have friends i can borrow money from. and next week should be my payday.

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