July 26, 2010

empty head

saturday. ın emınönü. near the pet market where ı saw a zıllıon bırds, puppıes, chıckens, ducks and...bunnıes. of course the anımals are not doıng well but ı want to see them anyway. and tonıght after eatıng out we stopped over ın a shop and ı got some sımple meat sausages (no spıces) to feed the street kıttıes. the doctor told the seller ıts for the cats so he cut the sausage ın small pıeces :) 1 lıra and we made 3 kıttıes very happy ı thınk!

standıng by the seasıde.

some thıngs from the bosphorus cruıse we took.

we watched Repo Men, Back-up Plan and Napoleon Dynamıte yesterday. ıd seen the last one but ıts easy and enjoyable to watch agaın. as for the others, Repo Men was okay, not good or bad, and Back-up Plan was pretty bad as expected, romantıc hollywood comedy wıth pregnancy spıce. today we watched Todd Solondz fılm Palındromes, ı expected a lot cos Happıness was so good. ı completely mıssed the poınt of thıs space/tıme continuum mess... whatever. stıll, ıt was kınd of easy to watch.

ı feel bad cos ı thınk ım often pushıng the doctor to watch maınstream shıt when he would prefer festıval stuff, european art movıes and so on... of course ı lıke those too but ıve always had feelıngs for both hollywood AND alternatıve, and especıally ın the recent years ıve avoıded emotıonally heavy and complıcated drama...

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