July 26, 2010

did ur momma tell u to sleep around with jewish bachelors?

this piece of news is just making my head explode: Arab guilty of rape after consensual sex with Jew (Guardian, 21.7). so a palestinian guy lies to a jewish woman he is also a jew, they jump from meeting to having sex, and when she finds out, she sues him for rape. okay, but he IS CONVICTED??!! what a bitch for a woman and what a bitch for a justice system.

if i slept with a russian in finland whom i thought was actually finnish, i wonder how the police would like me at the station when i went there yelling rape. what if a guy lied to me he was a millionaire and i would therefor sleep with him in good faith that he was a succesful and wealthy gentleman? or, ops i slept with a scientologist, i though he was an orthodox, can u give him minimum 10yrs, a scientologist cock has just ruined my perfectly orthodox ass? which reminds me, the police put in my residence permit that i am a christian. i remember filling the form and just putting a dash where it asked for religion. i guess lack of religion is just not an option. should be, officially. unlike in Lebanon where u have to admit to a religion. anyway, not a big deal.

anyhow, her claim and the sentence both are like spitting on real rape victims. i mean come on, if u fuck around, take the responsibility for it. grow a spine.

this whole thing rapes my belief in fairness and justice...

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