July 30, 2010

line between reality and Reality is getting blurry

whats with the baby killings in France, there have been several cases within a year? they give birth and bury them in the backyard. the latest 'mummy', Dominique Cottrez, explains her reasoning "I didnt want any more children and I didn't want to see a doctor for contraception." (BBC 29.7). oh, u didnt? okay then. yeaa... i know how she feels, i hate going to the doctor too. and i have a perfect trashy backyard right now. so...? Dominiques hubby didnt notice anything, i wonder if mine would raise an eyebrow if my belly started growing 'a bit'?

ive been watching so much diff reality shows im getting confused. apparently. i just finished watching the finnish Apprentice (Diili) season 2. then watched an episode of Last Comic Standing, season 7, and then switched on to the Celebrity Apprentice, season 9, which i started last night. so i start watching and the people are blah blah talking, and i go like "hey that guy looks like that celebrity cook!". thats cos he is. Curtis Stone. only took me 24 hours to forget.

the finnish Apprentice has a very different athmosphere...but its hard to explain... i mean i couldnt cos i cant even really pinpoint exactly... something about the behavior of the contestants and the big boss obviously.

but i like this Curtis Stone guy, hes positive and doesnt talk shit about others, if he does point out weaknesses in others he does it in a nice almost teasing way, hes definitely not evil.

and Bret Michaels gives me a really good vibe.

anyway i met with my sort of boss today, she observed a class of mine yesterday and the students also filled feedback forms on me (coincidentally i just taught them that word in class). the students really loved me, and i got good feedback from my boss as well. obviously there are things i need to improve, but nothing really huge. so thats good.

my tue-thu classes are near Izmit which is like a 40min drive so a driver takes me there. i used to go with other teachers, this 'power plant' place has a lot of classes going, but they finished theirs. anyway, the driver is teaching me turkish, and he doesnt speak english so its like my classes turned around, lol. he used to be some sort of police in the terrorism unit before this driving job. maybe cops retire early, i dunno. he communicated to me that he wanted to show me a restaurant in Maltepe so the other day we left earlier and stopped over in a restaurant to have Bursa Iskender kebab. it was delicious indeed. this car was nearby...i found it hilarious.

coming back from the power plant-class tonight. btw the accident count on their big board has gone up to 2....

i saw this ad for the magazine 46 yesterday... they were plastered all over the walls. i dont have a copy of the issue yet, but so my interview is on it.

our anniversary dinner.

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