July 29, 2010

wearing white

life has been streaming on as usual. work. the more i get to know the students the more i like them. and yesterday we went to the tax office with Volkan and got me a tax number. so now big brother is watching over me. i even got my name right in the system thanks to Volkan watching over the guy, he'd already switched the n & l in the surname. classic. so anyway, now i should be ready to get a bank account. we went to the bank but my tax number was still not in the system so i need to go back like tomorrow. there was a bank manager who spoke some english so i can even go on my own, yay!!

these classes are finishing in august and i am getting nervous over when im getting new classes. august is still summer and vacation time so its slow...

yesterday was our 4 month anniversary so we went out to eat and so on.

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