July 21, 2010

lost my etiquette booklet somewhere

ive continued watching The Millionaire Matchmaker... i want to open my mouth as in S02E07 Miss Good Old Chilvalry and Marry Before Moving In -matchmaker argued that men HAVE TO open doors every time, pay the bill, etc. apparently "thats what gets the girl". for some, sure, but as an NHL player (Matthew Hatchette, handsome black guy) was trying to convince her that there are other type of girls in the world she fiercely disagreed. so i just wanna raise my hand and say i dont want men to always open doors. i can open doors too. and i wanna split bills more less. and so on.

Miss Matchmaker took Matthew to an "Etiquette Expert"; Naomi Torre. and hes trying to ask them both what if the woman is independent and wants to make her order herself, cos they are trying to teach him that the MAN takes the order from the woman and passes it onto the wait/er/ress. he argues that some women want to order for themselves and she says, "thats not a girl u should be dating"..and continues to say that the guy is a complete underdog if he lets the woman order their dinner. and, she says that a woman who wants to make an order for them both is a shrew.

and this is her website.

so, im a shrew and no decent respectable guy should be dating me. just saying it out loud.

so the annual world sauna championship ended badly in my hometown Heinola. im not too surprised, but of course its sad. however.

and , this doesnt look like a dream festival...(sonisphere in finland).

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